Benjamin Youd

I photograph people to make a connection.

To share stories and emotions that evoke a sense of belonging to the world. That despite our differences, we all share a common thread in our humanity. I like to celebrate life and the creative people that engage with it. 

I grew up being influenced by skating and rock music, which led me to look for difference in the world, instead of sameness. Later on, I studied Graphic Design in Sussex – leaning heavily towards photography as my preferred form of visual communication. For me, photographing the beauty in the world has always been amazing gateway to expression that puts us all in direct contact with the force of life. 



If you have a project that you'd like to discuss, drop me an
email at: studio@benjaminyoud.com



Archive Studio / Asterley Bros / Be Exposed / Christie's
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Hey Gigantic / HiddenHoli One / Hummingbird Music
Idea London / Lipton / Marquise de Laborde / MQOkiem
Orion Books / PaperMoon / PWCShelter / SilkFredVaseline


Selected Exhibitions

2018 / Christie's Exhibition
2013 / London Photo Festival
2010 / Mindsoup: 320 Gallery
2009 / Art in Parks